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Workforce Development

Father Movement + Global Apprenticeship

At Father Movement, one of our most crucial targets in strengthening families is through our workforce development services. Father Movement is proud to announce a partnership with Global Apprenticeship Foundation - Global Solar Installer Apprenticeship Program.

The purpose of the Global Solar Installer Apprenticeship program is to provide opportunities for
underrepresented communities to participate in the rapidly growing solar industry. Upon
completion of this program participants will have the coveted NABCEP Associate Installer
credential making them highly sought after solar installers.

Benefits of Program

Solar Panels Technicians

Advancement Opportunities

Fathers have an excellent opportunity for job advancement in positions such as team leads and electricians earning over $30/hr

Solar Panel Installation

Job Placement

Hands-on training is completed while working full-time with most starting wages begining at $15-18/hr

Electrical Wiring

NABCEP Certification

Apprentices receive training to prepare for a NABCEP PV Associate certification. This certification gives apprentices excellent job security.

JW Event Suite is hiring!

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Venue Coordinator

Event Rental Specialist
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